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“Samitha and I are still good friends” says Athula’s new wife Amaya

The whole country knows the story of the separation of Athula and Samitha and that Athula is now married to Amaya and that Samitha lives with Johnston. It is fortunate to hear that even though they are separated accusing each other at the beginning, which was spoken across the country. They seem to be very peaceful now.

Samitha has two children from Athula and Amaya too has a little daughter from Athula now. Athula and Samitha are singing together again in duets and it is also reported that Samitha and Amaya have become very good friends. A remarkable statement was made at an interview given to  by Amaya Adhikari in a weekend paper of ‘Rivira’
It is as below:

“I was 17 years old when I met Athula Adhikari initially.  I joined as a dancing artist to Athula’s “E-mail Kavikari” song. That was the first time we got to know each other. Then I got the opportunity to act in one of his other music videos. We practiced dancing together at his home and we got to know each other better. My family members too got friendly with Athula. We were very good friends for about two years. We practiced dancing at Athula’s home and Samitha akka too joined us and danced with us. Samitha akka became a very good friend of mine. I felt that there is something wrong and a conflict in their marital relationship but Athula never spoke about it or revealed anything regarding that matter. Although we had started our love affair it was done in a secret manner which Samitha did not take notice of.

Athula proposed him to me in the first instance and there was no reason for me to reject it. They had some problems when I first got to know them. I don’t know a lot about them to tell them in detail. Yet, I know that I was not the reason for them to part. I don’t think Athula looks old.

At that time, he had short hair and he looked very young. Anyways I look a bit older than I really am. Therefore I believe that our age difference is not visible. My family didn’t like this at first because Athula was a divorcee. I made them understand that Athula is a good person with sober habits and was very innocent No one is against him. He possesses a lot of patience. We got married in 2010 after that he got his divorce.

 Now we have a little daughter and she is only a moth old. Her name is Aindhya Adhikari. She is very precious to me. She is very close to me and we speak a lot and exchange views often. Athula is very nice as a person and it is very easy to live with. He never put rules and pressurizes me at all and it is very easy to live a relaxing life with him. Samitha and I are still very good friends.”

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