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My aunt is Malini Fonseka

     Senali Fonseka who acts as Sirimal Ethana in the film Siriperakum is connected to a well-known family who is attached to the Arts. Her father's sister is none other than the accomplished actress Malini Fonseka. As such, Malini then is her aunt. Senali resides in England. She explains how she happened to get involved in this film, to a weekend newspaper.

    "At the time I was chosen for this film, I was in England. I have been living there for 10 years. I am doing my studies there. I came to know that artistes were being invited for this film, from a newspaper. After that I sent my particulars and a photo of mine to Mrs.Renuka Balasuriya. Accordingly though I was chosen for this film, Mr.Somaratna Dissanayaka had a small suspicion about me whether I could portray a character who lived in the 13th Century .... I having lived in England for 10 years.

    Anyway I came down to Sri Lanka and portrayed that role in the presence of Somaratna uncle. Only then that he came to the right decision. That is how I got involved in the film Siriperakum".

    *What are you doing in England?
         I received my earliest education in England. Next year I'll be entering university .... to study Bio-Medicine Science.

    *Can you tell details about your family?
        My father is Upali Fonseka .... mother, Senani Fonseka ..... and aunt, Malini Fonseka. I'm the only child in the family. My mother has even left her job and helps me in my work. My father also stays by my side.

    *Were you attached to the Arts even when you were small?
        About 16 years before this I took part in small programmes over Sirasa channel. Apart from that I have acted in a number of tele-dramas.

    *Did you come into acting because of your family background?
        This field is not unfamiliar to me. When I saw my aunt (Malini Fonseka), my other aunts and elder sisters acting, I also got a liking to act. So .... almost sort of at random that desire got fulfilled. A brother of my mother, Ashoka Senarath helped me a lot.

 Rasanduna narration -- Gamini Susantha

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